Happy Insert Name of Public Holiday here.

October 2, 2006

Happy whatever todays public holiday is in Western Australia everyone….but to be serious I was about to post Happy Labor Day because I actually had no idea why today is a public holiday here until I looked it up…it’s apparently the Queens Birthday Holiday, which is even more odd given the rest of Australia celebrates it on the Monday following the second weekend in June. Why October? God knows…or as the case may be perhaps the Queen might know, even though she was born on April 21. Is it just because having the Queens Birthday long weekend in June would mean that WA would have two long weekends in a row, the first weekend in June being the Foundation Day long weekend? Or is it purely a coincidence that this long weekend falls on the same weekend as the AFL grand final? Probably wise really given how many Western Australian’s would be suffering 2 day long hangovers following the Weagles victory on Saturday.

BTW I’m a Dockers supporter, but I was backing the Weagles on the weekend because I can’t stand Barry Hall. The guy is a THUG. Haha Sydney 🙂

4 responses to Happy Insert Name of Public Holiday here.

  1. Well, then, Happy “whatever” Day!

  2. Freo had a good year – but what a final quater, eh! 7 pts, 1pt, 7pts, 1pt…

    And Barry Hall had a shocker and he was not too happy afterwards. 🙂

    You get to know the real champs on days like this – they stand up when its counted. Hence, why Dermie (another thug of his time) is well respected (’89).

    And Melbourne Storm were robbed by the refs. 😐

  3. Australia has a Queen?

  4. I’m not the Queen or Barry Hall, but today is my REAL birthday. So if you Auzzies all tip one up for me, that’d be great. 😉