Inside Joel Comm’s Made for Adsense spam venture

June 27, 2006 — 29 Comments

After yesterday’s little flame war caused by Yaro Starak defending Joel Comm’s latest offering, “Instant Adsense Templates”as being legitimate, I was fortunate enough to get a tip from a reader of the preview of the templates and marketing system Joel Comm is offering readers for $197…and although he chucks in some WordPress templates, the bulk of it is good ol’ fashioned Made for Adsense spam pages, plain and simple.

But let me prove it.

The samples

In his email to his “joint venture” (JV) partners, Joel provides access to a password protected page (click on images for larger versions):

joel comm
joel comm

Now on the second screenshot you’ll notice the “sample” pages Joel has provided to JV’s.

The sites are as follows, and I’ve included screenshots lest they be removed by the time you read this post:
joel comm
joel comm spam
joel comm spam site

He also mentions some tempaltes for Blogger and WordPress as well, but I won’t review these because, quite literally, there is nothing wrong with these, because they are just templates. What is different in the sample sites it what’s provided with them, and I’ll use Joel’s words here:

My templates were created with private label content, which means there is no author bio or links to distract from your AdSense! You can also make changes to make it unique.

You see, they aren’t just templates, but they come with nice spam content as well, made literally to help get that search engine traffic in to maximise your Adsense click!

Soundy spammy already? but wait, there’s more!

This is the preview version of Joel’s sales pitch. In case it disappears as well, here are some screen shots, I’m particularly fond of the testimonials (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah) 🙂

joel comm

joel comm spam


joel comm spam

comm con

I like this next shot, particularly the “spam sites don’t cut it” any more 🙂


I won’t bore you with more screenshots, but some of the highlights:

“Yes, I want my own empire of income producing websites”

“2,413 pages of content”.


Still don’t think this is spam, let’s use Joel’s own words from the Instant Adsense Templates JV Blog where he admits exactly what the product is!

The product is what it sounds like, but it’s also a lot more….Have you seen those crappy “AdSense Sites” that have been circulating around the web for the past year? You know those ones with poor design, poor optimization, and filled with articles that have links in them and author credits?

Well those sites were motivation for us to do it better. We wanted to do it the right way by building QUALITY templates. Instead of Joel hiring some cheap labor overseas to build these sites, they are being built internally by highly successful marketers. These templates employ the strategies taught by Joel Comm, and will help people easily launch their own AdSense business.

Yep, the only difference between Joel’s templates and all the other “Made for Adsense” spam sites out there is that Joel thinks he’s done it better.

But why is Yaro Starak promoting it?

Hopefully Yaro will read all of this and change his mind, but lets see why Yaro is getting people to sign up for a free e-book from Joel here…it’s simple really, Joel told him to 🙂

joel told me

and yes, a cookie now is as good as 50% of the $197 later!

yaro starak

The verdict: give me spam, lot of spam…..

But now the last bit.

From Joel on his JV Websites:

Please do not tell anyone about this page unless they are a studly marketer with a big list!


Smells like spam, looks like spam….

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