Is Google Co-op the best new product launch from Google since….gmail even?

October 25, 2006 — 2 Comments

Lots of positive press on the launch of Google Coop. I’m not one for reannouncing what a whole pile of other sites have already written about, but having spent a couple of hours playing with the service, I’ve got to say that although there are a few rough edges, in terms of what it delivers, it’s brilliant. It’s what Adsense for search should have been like all along…and indeed, you can get Adsense earnings from the program, although via the odd method of matching your accounts up (if you’re like me, you’ve got every single Google service including Adwords with your gmail account…and yet still I can’t use the gmail login for Adsense! go figure). OK, so some are saying it’s like Rollyo, but personally Rollyo had little appeal for me, this on the other hand does. I can combine sites for custom search engines or just do it for one site. Loren from over at Blog Search Engine is implementing it as the sites standard search facility…and knowing his traffic that speaks volumes for me as well. If you haven’t tried it yet it’s worth a look, and if you want to try it here, it’s in the sidebar. So long Adsense for search, hello Co-op!