It’s Official, I’m a Macboy

August 15, 2007

Back home after a week offline. Looks like the only things I missed were Scoble kinda quiting blogging again. Tip Robert: take a holiday, a long one and take it somewhere you cant get online: like Victoria. Oh, and then there’s a spat between Winer and Calacanis. I like and respect both of them, so apologies in advance, but fuck me, do we really need to bring reality television style spats to the blogging world? C’mon guys, there is nothing that cant be resolved in private over a pint or 10 of Guinness?

But back to the post headline. My Acer (heap of shit) laptop was my last vestige of me being a PC user. It sucked when I was in the Valley, and the little time I had online in Melbourne it sucked as well. Solution: a 17″ Macbook Pro with 2 gig ram etc etc… The start up speed alone is enough to dazzle even the most diehard PC user. It’s a little big, but you get that with a 17″ LCD, but other than that it’s pure bliss, not that I’ve got to use it a lot yet. Western Australian Web Awards Friday so I’ll give it a run at the Duxton then a conference in September. There is still 1 working plugged in PC in the house, but my just turned 5 year old cant quite tell the difference yet. Maybe an iMac next year, and Flyakite OS (the Mac skin for Windows program) in the mean time 🙂

5 responses to It’s Official, I’m a Macboy

  1. I have been using Windows for too long to want to change, but if I have to move to Vista at some stage, that could be a good time.

    How was the snow?

  2. Ever since I found your youtube video about that shitty webcam, and now know that you switched, I cant help but wonder, did it end upworking working on a mac? The crowds demand to know

  3. Congrats on the move to Mac – a week or two and you’ll wonder how you ever coped! I like the plain old Macbook as the screen *really* is big enough (even for Eclipse), and it’s the perfect size for travel.

  4. Now now, cut out the pissing on Victoria, if he really wanted to disconnect he should try Tasmania 🙂

  5. Hello Duncan Riley

    I myself am considering a Mac.

    I’m not sure whether I should get an iMac or the MacBook. Asking around at other forums, they suggest that I get the MacBook since one of my priorities is portability.

    My other priorities include having a good graphics card since I will use a Mac mainly for photo and video editing. Question is, whether the extra bucks for a MacBook Pro is worth it.

    I will continue considering the MacBook or MacBook Pro whilst doing my research.

    Rezdwan Hamid