More Desktop Candy, Twin 22″ Monitors

May 29, 2007 — 6 Comments

I bit the bullet today. As much as I was loving my 22″ monitor it was clear from comments in my earlier post and coverage elsewhere in the blogosphere that having more than one monitor provides an improved workspace.

So I thought I’d check out buying a second 22″ monitor. The first one had cost about $680 (AUD) in November 06 and at the time was a bargain, elsewhere they started at $900 and upwards. Walked into the same store (IVC Bunbury) and they now cost $430. Sold.

I’ve had the second monitor plugged in for about 2 hours as I write this, I’ve moved the Google Desktop Sidebar to the far right hand side on Monitor 2 so essentially Monitor 1 becomes Firefox with Twitbin for Twitter, Monitor 2 becomes Outlook, Photoshop, Word, Skype, Jaiku, Internet Explorer (when needed) and Google Desktop.

OMG. Being able to work in one screen whilst relevant info you need is open in another is BRILLIANT. I’d suggest that whilst writing one post I saved maybe 20 minutes. Not having to flick between windows and having your original copy open saves time.

You know I was reluctant. It seems like an extravagance. She who must be obeyed wasn’t keen on the idea but it was the monitor or Foxtel, and she hates the idea of having Pay TV give how little any of us actually watch TV, so the monitor won.

I’ll probably be able to give a better assessment in a couple of weeks, but I’m loving it and at this stage it’s highly recommended. All you need tech wise is a video card with 2 outputs (the second one is on a VGA connection, the original on DVI) and some cash. If you work online it will pay for itself over and over again in saved time.