Mozilla sucks

August 15, 2006 — 11 Comments

Mozilla sucks! I feel better now.

Why? well isn’t open source suppose to be about being open, flexible and giving users a choice? Then why is it that it’s near on IMPOSSIBLE to take email from Thunderbird and use it in another program…but before ppl jump up and down, saying thats the fault of other program makers, it isn’t, because Thunderbird doesn’t have an export facility for email, whilst oddly enough nearly every single other email client (including Microsoft products) out there does! I think since yesterday, when I finally threw my hands up in the air at the continual problems I have been having with Thunderbird, I’ve wasted something like 6-8 hours trying to get my email out of Thunderbird and into Outlook. During this time I’ve downloaded 3 other email clients, 4 so-called conversion programs, and managed to pick up some nice computer viruses (or should that be virii) along the way…grrrr. I’m sticking with Firefox, but Thunderbird be damned!