Salgbc Salary And Wage Collective Agreement

October 6, 2021

3. The implementation of salary increases shall be postponed until 1 January 2021; But we are encouraged by the large number of municipalities that have already written to workers to tell them that they will abide by the collective wage agreement. Certainly, SALGA believes that municipal workers are easy targets and can be extorted to give up their wage increases by consistently using the word “cuts” to force workers not to demand their wage and wage increases. As already mentioned, SALGA has indicated that they will only consider the Covid 19 allowance if workers give up their increase. SALGA administrators, members of the Council, will receive their salary increases, while the country`s well-paid government officials, who are municipal managers, will continue to swim in pools of money. ¬∑ Amanzi Collective Bargaining From the Collective Agreements Council For the NEC, this is nothing more than a declaration of war, a war that we are ready to fight to the end by defending the wage and collective agreement that legally and contractually belongs to local workers. The NEC also received a report that, at a subsequent meeting, the employers` organization, the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), had passed a resolution to comply with the National Ministry of Finance`s request to municipalities for a waiver. Salga informed the parties in the negotiating council that she was trying to break the final stage of the agreement. SamWU prepares for war to defend wages and collective agreement Another insult to the violation is that municipalities have already passed their budgets, which include salary increases for Council members, as defined by the Independent Commission for civil servants` compensation, and salary increases for municipal officials and senior managers under Section 56, in accordance with the setting of ceilings. Collective bargaining for the Disciplinary Code was completed and a collective agreement was reached on 1 February 2018.

1. the total freezing of salary increases to be taken as of 1 July 2020; The NEC welcomed the union`s total rejection of salga`s aforementioned proposals, a permanent and legal agreement that does not need to be renegotiated by their immediate implementation. The union is upset and upset that after our rejection of the proposals, SALGA immediately wrote to the municipalities asking them to individually invoke Article 11 of the main collective agreement, which provides that a municipality may request to be exempted from the increase in wages and wages of employees. . . .