Semicolon Agreement

April 12, 2021

The line is also used in French writing, but not as far as the semicolon. The use of these devices (semicolon and dash) varies from author to author. In the layout of the QWERTY keyboard, the semicolon is under the small finger of the right hand in the unfilled Homerow and is widely used in programming languages as a statement separator or Terminator. [5] The semicolon was common on typewriters and therefore got a position in most computer codes, such as the EBCDIC at 94 (0x5E) and the ASCII with 59 (0x3B). The ASCII position was inherited from Unicode, which added several related characters: The semicolon is often used as parts of emoticons to display by blinking or crying, as in 😉 and ;_;. Rule 1b. Avoid a semicolon if a dependent clause is placed in front of an independent clause. In some values separated by separators, files use the semicolon as a separator as an alternative to values separated by commas. It is no coincidence that a semicolon is a period on a comma.

Like commas, the semicolons indicate an audible pause – a little longer than that of a comma, but just before the complete shutdown of a period. On the one hand, I have renounced archaisms traditionally associated with semicolons, as is expected, and the use of WHEREAS in recitals. In the calculation of relationships, the semicolon is used in the infixation note for the composition of relationships: A; B – x , z): ∃ y x a y y ∧ y B A display style; Value B – (x,z): 3. Use commas to separate items from a list, unless the list is so complicated that half-colons are needed for clarity. The first semicolon printed was the work of the Italian printer Aldus Manutius the Elder in 1494. [6] Manutius establishes the practice of using the semicolon to separate words from an opposite meaning and allow a rapid change of direction in the association of interdependent statements. [7] Ben Jonson was the first known English writer to systematically use the semicolon. [8] Modern uses of the semicolon refer either to the list of objects or to the link between related clauses. The semicolons also have other functions.

But first, a restriction: avoid the frequent mistake of using a semicolon to replace a colon (see Kolon). If you have a series of three or more items that are normally separated by commas, except that each item already contains a comma, use the semicolon between the elements.