SEO isn’t Shit

December 6, 2006 — 8 Comments

Threadwatch quotes Jason Calacanis at SES Chicago:

“SEO is bullshit, if you generate a web page with good content Google will rank the page properly.”

Can’t say that I agree. SEO is like getting regular checkups on your car, sure, the car will run without them, but it will run a whole lot better with it. I can’t help than think though that maybe Calacanis was trying to be provocative for the sake of it, after all, telling a crowd at SES that SEO is shit is about as clever as attending a meeting of the National Association of the Advancement of Coloured People and saying that all black people are shit. The further irony of course is whether he likes it or not, Weblogs Inc., implemented a SEO strategy from day 1, and that’s the network blogroll. We all know the benefits of cross linking sites, not only do the search engines love it, it also leaks (and therefore shares) page rank around as well. I also don’t believe that good content alone will deliver traffic, I’ve known plenty of people over the years with what I would consider good content who never went well with Google. Why? because the sites weren’t optimised, there was no SEO strategy. Weblogs Inc. also had the first mover advantage into many of the verticals they went into as well, combined with a strong publicity machine. The average Joe Blogger doesn’t have that advantage, and that’s where SEO plays an important role. OK, I could argue like this for weeks, SEO isn’t Shit, it’s a smart practice for anyone online.