Speedbit: YouTube Video Acceleration

May 7, 2007

Found via Scoble a new service from one of the original ICQ investors: Speedbit Video Accelerator, a YouTube video acceleration service.

I’ve just tested it. No more hitting pause and waiting for the video to preload to a reasonable point at YouTube for me. It does exactly what it promises to do, so it’s staying installed, at least on my Desktop PC.

The program attempts to force an install of the Ask Toolbar which isn’t nice: the text for the option to not install it is deceptive as it reads with words to the effect “accept terms of use and install Ask toolbar”…I turned the option off the toolbar didn’t seemingly install; it’s just a little bit of a shame that such a great idea could be sullied by something like this.

One response to Speedbit: YouTube Video Acceleration

  1. I have seen a similar app before which was more generic rather than YT specific – all that it is doing is multi-threaded download back to the server. YT might not like that, just like most site administrators didn’t like DAP and other apps when they first came out – and they could easily restrict each client to a single connection.

    The reason is because you end up downloading a lot of data that you might never watch