The A list of Australian bloggers

March 20, 2006 — 33 Comments

Charles Wright, who I think no longer blogs for the Sydney Morning Herald, put this list up back in February claiming to be the A-List of Aussie bloggers, basically based on people he’d met at a conference in Queensland. I didn’t say anything about it at the time, because, well…it’s very easy to knock a list when you’re not on it. But I’d thought I’d give it a shot, based on what people are doing, traffic, and what not. His list is flawed…basically, my list isn’t perfect, but….

The Australian A-List (roughly).

Darren Rowse
Australia’s most read blogger. The ONLY Australian blogger in the Technorati Top 100. It’s a disgrace that Blogebrity don’t have him on the A-List because he’s more read and higher ranked than half the people on their list.
Yaro Starak
One of the few Australian bloggers I’ve not had a conversation with. Yaro, drop me an email! But looking at his links and Alexa stats he’s the quiet achiever of the Australian blogosphere. The Age thinks Tim Blair is top gun? Yaro kicks his ass.
Cameron Reilly
Cameron makes the list not only because of his excellent personal blog, but also due to the influence of The Podcasting Network, one of only 4 (then active and owned) Australian blogs in the Feedster 500. TPN is in the top 3 podcasting networks worldwide and Cameron is the leader.
Ben Barren
A man who I’ve got a lot of time to spend podcasting with, with a blog that’s to be seen to be believed. He’s set to become the Dave Sifry of the Australian Blogosphere, and Gnoos is now taking suggestions. Watch this space, but A-Listing is deserved.
Nik Cubrilovic
Just don’t ask me to pronounce Nik’s last name, but he resides in the Gong so he must be a good bloke. The founder of and going on to bigger and better things with Omnidrive.
Tim Blair
Despite being known by Fairfax as Australia’s greatest blogger, there is little doubt that Blair is the Kos of the Australian blogosphere. Looking at his stats though he only just makes the list 🙂
Caz from The Spin Starts Here
I still claim that The Spin Starts Here is Australia’s greatest blog. And Caz runs TSSH. Isn’t it sad that I don’t know her last name, maybe so, but no A-List of the Australian Blogosphere is complete without Caz on it.
Trevor Cook
Trevor was once quoted in the press as claiming to be amongst the top 30 blogs in the world, and as much as we all wish for this position, there is little doubt that Trevor is a serious voice in the Australian blogosphere. A man who’s politics are pretty close to mine, although he’s much more linked in with the old Liberal Party elite than I ever was as a member of the Liberal Party (since resigned). A good right wing economist.
Ok, I’m being a little vain now, but when I edited The Blog Herald I was ranked in the Top 100 blogs world wide according to CNet and in the Top 200 everywhere else. 1 week after I sold the site it was listed in a new list at Technorati at 100. My main blog isn’t doing records, but it isn’t far off beating Tim Blair.
and to round off the list (I could ramble for hours!)
Martin Wells
Richard Giles
Alan Jones
Phil Sim
Charles Wright
Des Walsh

There are probably others I could add, but I’m looking at influence and traffic.

Update: silly me. I forgot Phillip Molly. Worthy of any Australian A-List. C-List my rear end Molly.