The future of Web 2.0 is here, and it’s sound asleep

March 19, 2007

TechCrunch covers, a new startup from the failed team behind Kiko. Short story, it’s Jennycam circa 1996 meets Web 2.0, a Truman Show for the DHTML crowd. It also has funding from Y Combinator. No word on the amount, and given Y Combinators model its probably sub $1m, but you’ve got to ask the question: funding so I can watch this?


If you can’t quite make it out, Justin is sleeping. He was sleeping 15 minutes ago when I first visited the site, and he’ll be sleeping in 15 minutes as well. OK, so eventually this guy is going to wake up, but is a webcam, even one taped to this guys head (seriously) make this a worthy Web 2.0 investment, or have we finally reached the tipping point where investors will bet on two flies climbing up the wall because there’s nothing left of reasonable quality to invest in? certainly if this bubble is proved to be a bubble by an eventual burst, remember the name, because it’s a site that could easily end up in the history books as an example of gratuitous largese by a bloated and over cashed investment sector that after a string of early successes had finally lost a grip on reality.


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2 responses to The future of Web 2.0 is here, and it’s sound asleep

  1. The bubble was due to insane investment and IPOs for companies with products that no one used.

    * has likely taken minute investment compared with with bubble times.
    * It doesn’t matter if you think is stupid as long as people use the site.

    In addition, I don’t even understand why people think there is a bubble. Have a look at VC investment over the last 10 years:

    The apparent bubble is due to the effusion of new sites stemming from a massive increase in programmer productivity and cheap hardware.

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