The Good Friday Agreement And Brexit

October 12, 2021

The conference will take the form of regular and frequent meetings between the British and Irish ministers to promote cooperation between the two governments at all levels. On issues that are not left to Northern Ireland, the Irish Government may present positions and proposals. All decisions of the Conference shall be taken by mutual agreement between the two Governments and the two Governments agree to make determined efforts to resolve disputes between them. Both views were recognized as legitimate. For the first time, the Irish Government has accepted, in a binding international agreement, that Northern Ireland should be part of the United Kingdom. [9] The Irish Constitution has also been amended to implicitly recognise Northern Ireland as part of the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom,[7] provided that a majority of the population of the island`s two jurisdictions accepts a united Ireland. On the other hand, the language of the agreement reflects a change in the legal emphasis placed by the United Kingdom from one for the Union to another for a united Ireland. [9] The agreement therefore left the question of future sovereignty over Northern Ireland indefinitely. [10] As a result, people and goods are currently crossing the border non-stop. By rejecting the terms of a treaty negotiated with these institutions, Johnson`s Internal Market Act opens a new chapter in UK-EU relations. It dissolves the tradition of pragmatic foreign policy in an acidic Europhhobe paranoia. The Prime Minister justifies the refusal clauses of the law by the fact that Brussels threatens the “territorial integrity” of the United Kingdom. He raises the prospect of a “blockade” – a vengeful obstruction of agricultural assets that run from the rest of Britain to Northern Ireland.

It is a representation too twisted by lies to function as a caricature of the facts. 5 For anyone attempting to describe the Irish border as it is today, the exercise is very similar to the description of an internal European border. The Irish border looks and functions like any intra-European border that liberates goods, services, capital and population.2 However, unlike other European borders, the situation on the island of Ireland is not the only result of London and Dublin`s accession to the EEC/EU since 1973. It is first and foremost the result of a political compromise between the two Irish communities and between the two sovereign states enshrined in the GFA. Until the 1998 peace agreement and although the two sovereign states were members of the EEC/EU, the Irish border had remained very different from other European borders. It has been closely monitored and militarized. The number of routes crossing the border has been limited and has hampered international passenger transport and cross-border trade in goods, services and capital3 This scenario has been hovering for some time in Brexiteer`s fanatical circles, but it describes a lower level of diplomatic criminality than any responsible government. That may not be enough restraint towards Johnson. .