The Inquisitr Books a Record Month

April 5, 2011 — 23 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on stats for The Inquisitr, but a great month is always a good reason to share. We’ve floated in the 7-8m pv range for maybe the last 6 months or so (maybe longer, I didn’t check) and with the exception of Feb 2011 where we were just below 7m pv (28 days… with another two days it wouldn’t have been an issue) we’ve done well.

The good news is that in March 2011 we finally broke the 8 million page view mark, and we’re getting closer to breaking the 2m unique visitor figure as well. Indeed, in many ways the unique figure is possibly better again.

Dashboard - Google Analytics

Dashboard - Google Analytics

The good stuff from the breakdown: the biggest post only accounted for 1.63% of the page views, and the biggest posts after that 1.44%, 1.32%, 1.26% and 0.96%. In the early days we often relied on a couple of huge posts to get us up, today the traffic is well distributed across many many posts.