The Ultimate in Cookware

April 24, 2006

One of the things we purchased recently was a Scanpan Saut?É?í?Ǭ© Pan. Titanium cookware. Swiss Made. Lifetime Warrantee. They cost a lot of money. I mean a lot. We’d always replaced frypans every 6 months as they wore out, you’d know the type: $30-$50 models. They’d get scratched to buggery and would end up impossible to clean.

So we tried the Scanpan.

One word: WOW!

We’ve never cooked better on a fry pan in our lives. And I’m not joking. Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast (on the weekend). The best Bacon and Eggs I’ve EVER cooked or eaten, and I’m not joking.

To clean them: a bit of water and a wipe: that easy. No scrubbing, no heavy cleaning chemicals, nothing.

I’m amazed! Maybe Arieanna might even give this post a plug at Cooking Gadgets!

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