Time to start taking bets on Digg’s demise?

August 5, 2006 — 1 Comment


Gordon Gecko may have said Greed is Good, but in Kevin Rose it’s bad. J-Cal say’s it all for me, but when a bubble get’s this big it’s bound to eventually burst. The question remains of course: how long? Don’t think that J-Cal and Netscape will the last to pay for top “social networkers” either, with all the cash about and a zillion startups, the money is going to start flowing to users, and the ludites like Kevin Rose are going to be worth $60 instead of $60 million within 12-18 months unless they wake up. So do we start taking bets? Is there a site out there offering odds on the Digg implosion yet? Wait till there are 5 other companies offering to do as Netscape is, and instead of paying $1k a month they pay $5k…or even $10k a month. Kevin won’t be smiling on the front page of Business Week then.