Traffic Splits at The Inquisitr

December 27, 2008 — 4 Comments

Interesting that people perceive The Inquisitr for its celebrity content. Scoble mentioned it on FriendFeed, but I know it’s a common perception.

Let me say that I really don’t have a lot of issues with the perception. We love our mix, I love not having to write wall to wall serious tech posts every day, and more importantly, its working. We’ll go just shy of 2m page views this month, and we need 320k in the last four days of the month to do it.

As I noted on another FriendFeed thread recently, we’re becoming more like a newspaper site. The only thing really holding us back expanding into more spaces (and we have a list of spaces we’d like to enter) is money…which is essentially people and time.

Here’s the traffic split I provided to someone recently

The split based on the top 100 posts month to today (as at Dec 18)

Odd/ Funny 62% Celeb 11%, General News 11%, Tech 8%, TV 3% Media 2% Other 2%

Excluding the top 3 posts (which were all 50k and above)

51% odd/ funny, Celeb 14%, news 13%, Tech 11%, TV 5%, media 3% other 3%

Estimate for all traffic:

40% odd/ funny, Celeb 10%, news 5%, Tech 25%, TV 5%, media 10% other 5%.

We get much better long tail traffic month to month on tech + media, and there is 2-3x more posts in tech than in other categories. News is usually only topical to time, and celeb stuff usually doesn’t wag the tail much either.