WA Liberal wipeout

August 7, 2008 — 5 Comments

Western Australia will go to a State Election September 6. Shame I only just swapped my electoral enrollment over to Victoria, I could have voted.

Credit to Alan Carpenter, he’s a crafty bugger in terms of the timing. The Liberal Party is going to be wiped off the electoral map. If the introduction of one vote, one value legislative boundaries wasn’t hard enough on the conservative side of politics, four leadership changes in four years certainly won’t help matters. The best Colin Barnett could come out with in response to the news:

Mr Barnett said today there was no constitutional or parliamentary justification for an early election. He has accused Labor of running scared from a Corruption and Crime Commission report into the activities of Brian Burke which was expected to be released within weeks.

True, the ALP does still have the stench of WA Inc 2 around it, but when the voters are given the choice of a slightly tainted ruling Government at a time the State has never been in better shape, or a rabble of backstabbing, listless wannabes, it’s pretty easy to predict who is going to win. The only question now is how big will the ALP victory be?