Worst WiFi? try Australia!

March 29, 2006

Hotelchatter points towards the bad deals in WiFi in US hotels. They should try Australia. For starters, if you can even get WiFi it’s a bonus. In the last 12 hotels I’ve stayed in, maybe 5 out of the 12 had it (admitedly they were all in Perth). Of those who had it, none where free. Prices ranged between $12-$25 AUD per hour to hook up. I kid you not. Of the hotels that didn’t have WiFi, some had old fashioned hook up your network connection (cable) broadband. Cheapest was about $12 (AUD) an hour. Dearest came in at $25/ hour.

The yanks have really got it good 🙂

3 responses to Worst WiFi? try Australia!

  1. duncan, you should move to netherlands. there’s plenty of Wifi here the town and the hotels love to offer free wifi too.

  2. I certainly agree with you there Duncan. I’ve stayed at a variety of different places and it’s damn hard even to get a decent ethernet connection at a reasonable price, let alone Wi-Fi. Even a lot of convention centres don’t have any access.