Yahoo! hates the rest of the world.

August 31, 2006 — 2 Comments

So the folks at Flickr believe that the reason Flickr geotaging sucks is because the world is to big for Yahoo Maps to cover it all.

But lets compare apples with apples.

Both MSN and Google Maps provide close ups, satelitte shots and maps for the better part of the world. Yahoo! only does for the US and Canada. Want to participate in a beta test? No matter where you lived you could have participated in Google’s initial releases of gmail, earth, goffice, adsense and more. At MSN similar. Want to participate in a Yahoo! beta? you’d want to live in the US. YPN, Yahoo! email beta to name but a few were all US only.

Yahoo! hates the rest of the world. Sure, they might have some nice regional offshots, but for all the cool stuff they only think of American users. As a non-American web user my response…bite me, and you suck.