Yaro has a new picture

December 11, 2006


Isn’t it interesting how we judge people my their pictures? Yaro Starak has a new one up on his site, and it’s about 5000% better than the last one, although it looks like someone still needs to buy him a haircut 🙂 No offense Yaro, but your old picture, to me, reminded me of Yahoo Serious. You look a lot more serious (pardon the pun) now….although did I mention the hair. Cmon ladies, send Yaro a note telling him how much better he would look (and hence attractive) without all that hair! 🙂

5 responses to Yaro has a new picture

  1. I had to admit Yaro does look better with that picture but I think it’s been there for quite a few months already.

  2. Oh Duncan! My hair is my symbol, it’s my brand! I couldn’t cut it…although my father has balding issues (he shaves it all off now) so who knows how long I will get to keep mine. The girls generally like it long too, at least the girls I hang out with.

    The new photo has been up for many months, but I forgive you for not noticing sooner, you have been a busy man no doubt with all the changes in your online life.

    Everyone must be asking you – what’s next for Duncan Riley?

  3. The more I think about your hair Yaro, the more I think I’m probably just jealous…send me some and I’ll stick in on my noggin…mine just keeps falling out and turning grey 🙂

    It’s not that I haven’t been reading you Yaro, it’s more a Bloglines fixation, I’ve been reading you without visiting the site…the catch 22 of full feeds.

    As for what’s next…we’ll see 🙂 I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing concrete yet. I’m off to sunny (not) Melbourne for a 3 week break next week, might try to finish the book I started writing 3 years ago, then go from there. Of course legally I can’t do blog networks till late May, so I can promise everyone my ideas don’t involve blogging. Web 2.0 on the other hand…we’ll there’s unmet niche’s there, question is though is whether I want to go down that path and have to deal with VC’s again, or even angel funding. It is tempting though. This time though, as much as I’m open to bringing in partners, I’m never, ever, ever losing control. Call me paranoid, but one bitten, twice shy 🙂

  4. Yep … “Flush & Go” .. low maintenance, no pillow hair or frankenstein hair .. and you can safely wear a hat and remove it in public.

  5. HART – I know what you mean, I had a very short cut on a trip to Tassie, which was very low maintenance.

    I’m happy to put up with crazy hair for now though.

    Duncan – Well I hope you have enough income sources to keep you going. Although there is nothing like the pressure of finances to motivate!