Yeah, so we need the NBN at any cost. I was wrong.

June 29, 2009 — 11 Comments

I discovered today that in 2009 it’s as hard, if not harder to transfer an internet connection than it was in 2004 (the last time I tried to move an ADSL connection was ironically with iiNet as well)…and in 2004 I lived in country WA where choice wasn’t exactly thick on the ground.

First I tried to transfer my Naked ADSL2+ with iiNet to the new place. I’m told that the cost is $450 ($300 supposedly because the place is new) and that they can’t tell me whether there’s room at the exchange anyway. If I did apply, I’d find out in 10-20 days (presumably working days) if there was space for me (there’s limited or no space according to a couple of online services). I move next week. Even better: I can’t keep my iiNet VOIP number or my user name….that’s BS, given the number isn’t based on the exchange.

I’m pissed about the $300/ $450, but I’ll cop to it if it means that I’ll definitely have a connection…which they can’t tell me.

So then I start the hunt. Internode, a company that is probably the most loved ISP in Australia at least admitted that if I read online that there are no or limited availability in the exchange (iiNet wouldn’t admit to this…despite me looking at it on the screen) that this means there’s really no ports. They said I could try, but were honest and upfront about the chances. As soon as I get the opportunity in the future, they have my business.

Next stop Netspace. Limited of No availability listed. Didn’t bother ringing.

TPG and Primus: availability, but they won’t connect a Naked plan unless there’s a pre-existing phone connection…which sort of defeats the purpose of not getting a phone connection on a naked ADSL plan.

So now I’m back to square one. It seems that the only safe route at this stage is to get the phone connected with Telstra, get a standard ADSL2+ with someone (god knows who) then eventually churn to a Naked ADSL2+ plan. So much for living a life online without a landline phone.

It proves to me, as Chris Were pointed out on Twitter, that we need an NBN. Fuck the cost, we need it any which way but blue.

It’s complete bullshit that in 2009 I cant get a high speed internet connection put on in less than 2 weeks, or even as the case is so far, in 4 weeks, if it all. And it’s not as though we’re moving to the country, the exchange is Box Hill in Melbourne. Middle Urban Melbourne (although we live a little closer in, just at the end of Zone 1 on transport).

The NBN can’t come fast enough.