Any one up for a online radio show?

August 30, 2006


Stumbled across this site the other day: BlogTalkRadio. Fascinating concept, basically live podcasting with the ability to take call ins (upto 5 people on air at once, unlimited queue in for others).

The killer feature: the ability to do the show without the need to edit or record the audio yourself. It works by users (show hosts) calling in to a show specific phone number, from which they then run the show in conjunction with a control panel on the website. Shows are streamed live on the net and also archived for use as podcasts as well.

They’ve got a fairly decent FAQ but nothing I can see on testing call quality… that sort of thing, which I suppose would be my only concern (basically would Skype support the call in, in terms of quality?). Control panel access is only available to registered users, which is unfortunate because I would have liked to have been able to see what goes on behind the scenes before considering using it..even if it was a matter of an instruction guide and/ or screenshots.

As “radio” goes they don’t have a universal stream either, like say Webmaster Radio does, which is a feature I’d think they should add.

But aside from these little things, what a bloody good idea. I’m tempted to give it a go…or maybe someone else can and I can play guest caller 🙂 Definitely worth a look.

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5 responses to Any one up for a online radio show?

  1. Duncan,

    I am the CEO of Blogtalkradio and thanks for the comments. Although we have been only up for one month, we have been attracting good content and the call quality has been very good. Presently we have more than 225 hosts covering 25 genres.

    We do suggest that hosts use a landline to host their show, however, callers into the show can use Skype, Vonage, mobile phones, etc.

    Just last night for example, a poet hosted a show dedicated to Katrina victims. He lost his internet connection as the show was about to start, but because he was able to host his show using a basic landline, he was able to complete his show.

    Finally, you can be a guest on one of my shows which are run twice a week. Feel free to reach me at

  2. This sounds like a great idea. I do a weekly chatcast with another blogger using Skype and HotRecorder. I might try running it with this instead.

    Oh, and if you need a test guest… 🙂

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