Any one up for a online radio show?

August 30, 2006 — 5 Comments


Stumbled across this site the other day: BlogTalkRadio. Fascinating concept, basically live podcasting with the ability to take call ins (upto 5 people on air at once, unlimited queue in for others).

The killer feature: the ability to do the show without the need to edit or record the audio yourself. It works by users (show hosts) calling in to a show specific phone number, from which they then run the show in conjunction with a control panel on the website. Shows are streamed live on the net and also archived for use as podcasts as well.

They’ve got a fairly decent FAQ but nothing I can see on testing call quality… that sort of thing, which I suppose would be my only concern (basically would Skype support the call in, in terms of quality?). Control panel access is only available to registered users, which is unfortunate because I would have liked to have been able to see what goes on behind the scenes before considering using it..even if it was a matter of an instruction guide and/ or screenshots.

As “radio” goes they don’t have a universal stream either, like say Webmaster Radio does, which is a feature I’d think they should add.

But aside from these little things, what a bloody good idea. I’m tempted to give it a go…or maybe someone else can and I can play guest caller 🙂 Definitely worth a look.

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