Ask Finally Gets it Right

June 5, 2007

 Techcrunch: Relaunch For Ask: Ask3D

I’ve been hard on Ask previously, their Algorithm campaign in the US and Information Revolution campaign in the UK is a joke. I may not be a marketing expert but in my own defense my Commerce degree included a major in Marketing and I’ve spun for a living for many years so I’m not totally without a clue: running an obscure campaign for a search engine that doesn’t include the product name is daft.

But that aside the new Ask is pretty damn cool. Layout is spot on, from the opening page through to results. Feeds or Wikipedia info is displayed to the right and the search results are above standard. I can’t measure them objectively but my initial feel is that they may be better that Live or Yahoo, Google may be not. As a complete package though its a competitive offering, nearly to the point that I’d figure them in when I’m using search in future.