APC Magazine…what can I say?

June 4, 2007

Picked up a copy of APC Magazine on the weekend. I very rarely buy computer magazines, after all why would anyone want to pay to read news that is 2 months old?… but I am rather impartial to the DVD’s.

I met a few of the folks from APC Magazine at a conference last year. Short form, lots of attitude and they basically turned there noses down at me as nothing more than a worthless blogger and basically wouldn’t even speak to me. Of course ironically I’m currently writing for an audience elsewhere that is a thousands of times bigger than their little magazine, but this isn’t the point of this post 🙂

So I’m playing with the DVD and they’ve included Yahoo To Go, Yahoo’s PVR software. Immediate thought: great, it’s finally available for Australians, when Yahoo had originally released it about 18 months ago it was US only, and painfully you only found this out by installing it then trying to run it (it geo-blocks based on IP). So I install Yahoo To Go and what do you know, it is still limited to the US only. Basically the folks a APC didn’t even try testing the software they are advertising on their DVD. And these folks turn their noses down at me? Tell you what, a blogger would be a far lot more thorough than these guys any day.

6 responses to APC Magazine…what can I say?

  1. LOL, APC Mag snubbing you 😉

    Me thinks the attitude is a defense mechanism because magazines like APC are quickly going out of fashion – reason: us worthless bloggers beat them to the punch every time. They just can’t compete with the time gap we have over them.

    BTW, Kudos for the TC gig.

  2. They need something to live for. I think you must advice them to end up with this magazine

  3. “Tell you what, a blogger would be a far lot more thorough that these guys any day.”

    As thorough as that typo, Duncan? Pot. Kettle. Black.

    (There’s another in your second par, if we’re counting, too…)

  4. Wow, what an unpleasantly superior tone you’ve chosen to take in this post, Duncan.

    I’m not sure why you thought we ‘snubbed’ you at Influence, especially considering you and I were on an interactive blogging panel together where we were both bouncing discussion off each other for about an hour.

    I do not look down at bloggers — I have a personal blog (danwarne.com) and got my start in journalism writing for Whirlpool.net.au, which became the busiest tech site in Australia based on ‘citizen journalism’.

    As for the DVD, we do test all the software that we include each month. The inclusion of Yahoo To Go (which was not advertised on the front of the magazine, so wouldn’t have played into anyone’s purchasing decision) was an unfortunate oversight. It was material supplied as part of a tutorial in the magazine, and it was indeed a basic screwup that the software’s functionality wasn’t tested, despite us testing that it installed correctly on various OSes etc. Please accept our apologies for the oversight.

    I probably shouldn’t bite at the other barbs you inserted in your post, but I think it is fair to point out that APC is more than a magazine: it’s also a website (apcmag.com) which is second only in audited traffic on a page impressions basis to SMH/The Age IT section websites. I have no idea how that compares to TechCrunch — it’s not the point I’m trying to make — but it would be nice if you made factually accurate statements rather than taking low punches that rely on a selective view of the world.

  5. I think I have been an APC subscribers for almost 10 years, and I have to say the style of journalism is simply different between online bloggers and offline magazines. You do more get up to date, but less-than-digested news from bloggers, but I also equally enjoy the writing of some journalists at APC.

    As of TC being thousands of times bigger than APC mag? That would be very subjective and really depends on which group of audiences you are looking at here. Even my 3 year old daughter “reads” APC, but she has not yet mastered moving the mouse cursor, let along reading the TechCrunch 🙂

  6. Man, you stirred up a bit of interest with your inflammatory comments. As a Kiwi geek (sadly without an APC or other magazine subscription) I regularly buy their magazine and have to say that usually the content is both pertinent and relevant to many users, regardless of any possible “2 month delay”. Importantly, it saves me trolling the web to get an idea of what’s coming up, gives me some handy tips, allows me to rate software and games before purchasing (not to mention the freeware they give away), and provide some input as to what they found while reviewing.
    Honestly, if you’ve got a beef about them, it’s your problem. Sort it out or find something different to read. Don’t subject us to conjecture about what another person or persons think about you (true or not, and without factual evidence) just for the vain hope of sensationalism. It doesn’t make good reading, and actually doesn’t raise my opinion of you at all.