APC Magazine…what can I say?

June 4, 2007 — 6 Comments

Picked up a copy of APC Magazine on the weekend. I very rarely buy computer magazines, after all why would anyone want to pay to read news that is 2 months old?… but I am rather impartial to the DVD’s.

I met a few of the folks from APC Magazine at a conference last year. Short form, lots of attitude and they basically turned there noses down at me as nothing more than a worthless blogger and basically wouldn’t even speak to me. Of course ironically I’m currently writing for an audience elsewhere that is a thousands of times bigger than their little magazine, but this isn’t the point of this post 🙂

So I’m playing with the DVD and they’ve included Yahoo To Go, Yahoo’s PVR software. Immediate thought: great, it’s finally available for Australians, when Yahoo had originally released it about 18 months ago it was US only, and painfully you only found this out by installing it then trying to run it (it geo-blocks based on IP). So I install Yahoo To Go and what do you know, it is still limited to the US only. Basically the folks a APC didn’t even try testing the software they are advertising on their DVD. And these folks turn their noses down at me? Tell you what, a blogger would be a far lot more thorough than these guys any day.