Embracing Facebook

June 4, 2007

image The more I use Facebook, the more I’m convinced that in 12-18 months Facebook will slay MySpace.

Anyhow, I’ve now switched to bookmarking via Facebook. I love Bluedot but having accounts all over the place seems a bit daft, and the whole Facebook as a Platform thing is going to make this even more so.

For those who want to connect on facebook, username is: duncanriley.

Now I’ve just got to work out the best way off pulling Facebook data into Google Reader. 

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One response to Embracing Facebook

  1. Yep, totally in love with facebook since last week. I even went as far as to post a bulletin on myspace saying ‘move over to facebook’.

    I think we can also use it instead of twitter, looks like you can get it to text status updates.

    And the tagging of photos and videos with people you have as friends is so much fun (old school photos, ha ha!)

    Still, I don’t think myspace will die. I think the music/band side to myspace will keep it going. Not that I know much about these things, but that seems the big difference to me (and being able to personalise the space more).