Blogs you should consider reading (particularly if you’re in to blogs and Web 2.0)

July 21, 2006 — 5 Comments

I’ve got an admission to make, in the last couple of months I’ve been adding to my Bloglines subs, even though I swore I would actually decrease the number…and whilst on one hand I have unsubscribed from a few sites….the number I subscribed to has actually been creping up again. Sure, I’ve only gotten out to 135 feeds (as of today), but its above my sworn figure of 100. But saying all of this, I’d like to share a couple of sites I’ve added in the last 6 months that you might like to consider:

The Blog Herald: yep, when I sold the site, I actually unsubscribed, indeed, I actually couldn’t face reading it for quite some time after I sold it, it was really that hard for me, having been my baby for so long, it just upset me too much. Theres been a bit of criticism in the last couple of months as to the direction of The Blog Herald, but I’m happy to say that no only have I resubscribed to the Blog Herald feed, I’m really enjoying it again. Matt and Aaron are doing a great job…maybe a little more news stories perhaps, and to be honest I’m still not totally convinced with the design…but as a read it’s once again hit its highs.

The Blogging Times: this site presents like I once imagined the Blog Herald would look like, it’s a mix of Web 2.0 and blog posts, and mainly just plain news. It’s not always the most exciting read, but it’s factual, and if you are interested in the news of the day (blog wise) its a good read.

The Blogging Journalist: a bit like the Blogging Times, a mix of blog and web 2.0 stories, with an interesting mix of how bloggers are reporting world news. You don’t get much comment here, but as a pure coverage of blog news it’s pretty good.

SEO BlackHat Blog: ok, admission here is that I’ve been reading Quadszilla longer than 6 months, he’s a great bloke, sure, we might not operate on the same field, but he’s open and honest about what he does, and believe it or not we actually have a fair bit in common in terms of beliefs (particularly freedom of speech issues). He’s the sort of guy I’d happily share a beer or 3 (or 10) with if I ever get State Side. If you ever wanted to read what the “otherside” does, you cant go pass this blog.

Blogebrity: I seriously considered dropping these guys, but today they are back again and firing. They are still a little exclusively A-List obsessed, but a good read once again.

Bryanboy: ok, this so doesn’t fit onto this list, but I loves me some Bryanboy! The Philippines gayest of gay bloggers is always entertaining, I’m not sure why I like it, but I do!