Where to live in Sydney?

July 21, 2006 — 18 Comments

I won’t go into the personal side of this, but I’m tossing up moving back to Sydney in the next couple of months. It’s the town I grew up in, but a town I left at the age of 21. For those of you outside of Australia, Sydney is as close as we get in Australia to New York, it’s a big city, indeed massive in size, it’s area is bigger (so I one heard) than great London, and from other reports its in the biggest cities on the planet, can’t remember whether it’s top 10 of top 20, but I often see it in the top 10. Population is something like 4.5 million people, and if you go out a little further still, add at least 1 million to that..but being an Australian city a lot of it is suburban sprawl, kilometers upon kms of houses as far as the eye can see really, as a now outsider I still find it amazing that Sydneysiders live in places like Camden and Richmond, when I was a kid these were country towns! but having said that I can remember when I worked in the CBD at Bankers Trust (or wankers trust as many employees use to call it) and I can remember being shocked (as were others) that some of my work colleagues commuted from places such as Wollongong and the Central Coast! And some people thought my Shire trip was long!

The interesting thing for me, is that I was raised a Shire boy. Spent 18 of my 21 years growing up in the Sutherland Shire. I can still remember it well, it was a wonderful place to grow up… but do I want to live there again? when I was still in Sydney, I spent a little time staying with friends in places such as Lane Cove, which was cool, and other places on the North Shore, as well as some inner West places. Question is, where to move to if I move back to Sydney? I’m thinking CBD/ Redfern/ Newtown and that sort of area, just so I’m close to everything (and of course so I can finally set up a blog meetup in Sydney!). Any Sydneysiders care to share their thoughts?