Charlotte Dawson is a Bully

August 29, 2012 — 106 Comments

I did find interesting that Charlotte Dawson has become a hero amongst the mainstream media for “getting back” a person on Twitter who dared say something negative about her.

To put this in perceptive: as of today, the person who dared say something bad to Charlotte has lost her job.

Yep, when Charlotte doesn’t like someone, she goes the bully and pings their employee in an attempt to get them sacked.

And according to the latest news: Charlotte “bully” Dawson managed to get that person sacked.

The sickness here is that Charlotte Dawson is apparently a member of an anti-bully group. Indeed, she’s apparently a person who advocated against bullying.

So how does one explain that Charlotte Dawson disagreed with a Twitter comment then got someone sacked from their job????

Charlotte Dawson is a bully herself. Her actions show it.

It’s one thing to disagree with someone on Twitter, it’s another matter to go out of your way to find their details and complain to their boss.

If you have an issue with people, you take it up with them.

If you’re Charlotte Dawson you get someone sacked by taking it further than personal and taking it further because you are sad and pathetic.

106 responses to Charlotte Dawson is a Bully

  1. Dawson I believe spewed vitriol against NZ to begin with and then refused to accept the consequences of her actions

  2. Make sure you get all facts correct before you ‘blog’ such idiocy Duncan.

  3. I am well aware of the social psychology concept as the “just world hypothesis” that you have provided a Wiki link to. However, I do not condone bullying and there is NO innocent party here in this situation if you review the incident from its beginnings. If I am going to be PRO anti-bullying and then retweet other’s bullying comments and encouraging this behavior to continue it’s buying into accepting and perpetuating the crap. More importantly, contacting one’s employer and staging a media attack on someone, rather than handling matters quietly with that person and with police authorities is another form of bullying. Like I said, if someone committed a murder on that same day I am sure they would only recall this woman’s name who wrote these bullish comments on Twitter, rather than someone who committed murder. So let’s be objective here and review the overall situation. Responsibility here is a two-way process as CD was not an innocent bystander to this whole situation.
    And my comments are coming from many years of experiencing abuse myself on different levels, not a Wiki link that supports one psychology concept that can be easily conflicted with another psychology concept.

  4. Stark Raving Duncan August 31, 2012 at 10:56 am

    So your view is that naming a bully makes you a bully?

  5. Then again, it’s one thing to disagree with or insult someone someone on Twitter, but its another matter to tell them to commit suicide…

  6. Twitter is for flogs… Full Stop! Anti Social Media! Great way to freely abuse ‘free speech’ with anonymity…

  7. You need to check your facts mate. The person in question told Charlotte to commit suicide. That’s not disagreeing – that’s bullying. I’m fully in support of bullies being outed and wearing the repercussions for their actions. Too many get away with anonymity.

  8. Since you’ve blocked me on Twitter, running away with your fingers in your ears, I’ll point out here that the comment that got Heti fired was “if I was your fiance I’d hang myself too #gohangyourself,” directed at Bernadette Casey, NOT “go hang yourself” directed at CD. You’re deliberately misleading.

  9. Darren Anderton August 31, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    I disagree, it’s a good “fuck you”, if you’re gonna be a twat prepare to get twatter.

  10. Tanya Heti identified herself as a Monash employee by tweeting her business card. Her comment (which was actually illegal under law) breached the uni’s social media policy:

  11. For the record, the Karl who wrote the comment that begins, “I disagree, it’s a good ‘fuck you'” is not me, although i did write all the other Karl posts.

  12. Another factual error: Heti wasn’t fired. Suspended on FULL PAY.

  13. Question: Since when has reporting someone (for a legitimate reason) to their employer considered bullying? I think you need to look to take a second look at the dictionary.

  14. Your site sucks atleast get the facts right! Posting comments to hang yourself from a work account! Who is that fucking stupid, Tanya deserves all she got! Though leave with pay doesn’t really sound like punishment to me!

  15. She did contact the monash university woman, you need to get your facts straight. Everyone who posted on her wall, did so knowing it was going to be publicized. Charlotte Dawson did not force anyone to fire her, she just told her boss the facts, and good on her. Cyber bullying is way too common and too many innocent lives have been taken because of it. This needs to be something that people start recognising and getting punished for their incompetent, horrible and vulgar remarks.

  16. Someone should teach the “if you don’t have anything nice…” concept to charlotte herself. Those trolls were out of line, absolutely, but charlotte has a nasty habit of insulting people she disagrees with on twitter. “sad ugly moll” “westie scrag” and “surburban fattie” aimed at ine twitter user recently. What those prople said to her was awful but she needs
    To clean up her oen act before she gets on her high horse.

  17. Well she did call a woman “sad ugly moll” “westie scrag” and “surburban fattie” the other day. Do you find that acceptable from an anti bullying advocate? Or anyone for that matter? I sure as hell don’t. No one deserves to be told to kill themselves. Ever. But charlotte shouldn’t get away with that behavior either.

  18. Why cant they do something about all the children that get bullied instead of worrying about this shit. I am disgusted with the way they are dealing with this case. If a child is bullied though social media and the victim replies nothing can be done cause they engaged in the conversation, but if a person celebrity does, its ok cause something can be done. This is so fucken wrong……… No wonder children bully one another take a look at their ROLE MODELS…….. Children look up to the older generation for the rights and wrongs in life and CD has just taught them that bullying is right, and the other woman has done the same………… But 2 wrongs dont make it right………

  19. Charlotte is a bully herself, which is what provoked these comments

  20. UUUUmmmmmmm! I do believe the word is KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people like yourself, forget, often, luckily to their detriment, One reaps what they sow! Be a PIG, be Nasty, Hurtful,Spiteful or any of the other thousands of words and actions – Lose your job, your Security, your friends etc! Suck it up. Life is just tooo hard without the crap, dished out by many. For all who have suffered including Ms Charlotte, keep your face to the sun, and wish these tragedies a better life! or atleast a nicer disposition in the next! HEHEHE HAHAHA………

  21. Telling someone’s employer that their employee told a woman who’s husband commited to suicide to hang themselves does not constitute bullying in any way shape or form.

  22. Yeah, how about telling your minions on twitter to “kill ‘Brian boy’… Please, please, please”?

  23. Don’t be silly. Tanya Heti only has herself to blame. She should lose her job.

  24. People, seriously grow up. If you don’t like, or can’t take the bad of social media, and get to “emotionally involved” with what is said. Then don’t use it!! I don’t even use it, I try socializing by phone or face to face.
    Stop being a bunch of babies.
    In regards to the family related comment, if the person physically didn’t come threaten you, and if you have never seen them, why do you care? Just don’t use it, when they do come, that’s when you bring the claws out.

    Again, you need to grow up and solve the problem like logical adults, not by winging and crying..

  25. Why did they make the Apple logo so small this time around? It almost looks like a camera hole.

  26. Congrats! Wait until you turn 35 🙂

  27. Against online bullies September 8, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    What a stupid post and even stupider headline. What you are saying is it ok to make death threats to someone? I am flabbergasted at your lack of compassion. There is no excuse for bullying no matter how much we don’t like or agree with someone. If you dish out nastiness and negativity it comes back to you tenfold.

  28. Charlotte told a judge on a show she was involved with to die on Twitter months ago. He objected and she laughed it off. She’s a hypocrit plain and simple. She should have come out and apologised to Bryan when this happened to her and shown she understood how he felt at the time. But no, that level of personal insight seems beyond her.

  29. So, once again, Charlotte told a judge who was on a reality show to
    ‘die’ in a Tweet a few months ago. the SMH ran a piece on it. What if he had been so upset he insisted Dawson was
    sacked from the roles she has on television? He was upset at the time
    and said he felt scared of her but she just kept laughing it off. Rules
    for the rich and famous but not for the everyday person? I presume you
    didn’t know about that earlier issue or you would have been calling for
    her sacking.

  30. You’re a fuckhead mate

  31. Your facts are wrong. Do some better research next time

  32. I wouldn’t want you near children either, you can’t even spell. Funny how it’s the ones with stupid opinions who can’t spell…

  33. People should realise the internet is not real life. They should grow up and not go cry when some random person online is mean to them. The internet has never been a cuddly safe place so why are people suddenly all surprised when someone is a jerk to them? How dare she show where those trolls live and work? Thats real harassment there.

  34. I don’t condone any form of bullying and i don’t know all the facts on this story, but if your going to commit suicide because of comments made by someone you don’t even know on social media, then your issues are greater than cyber bullies

  35. You are a bully, Duncan. Telling someone to Go Hang Yourself is not a reasonable way to behave. Tanya Heti’s boss had the choice to fire her over it or not – they chose to uphold the law. I hope that when cyber bullying laws come in that you get your just desserts for this horribly offensive blog post.

  36. still feel the same about it today?

  37. I wonder if you still have the same view today Duncan…

  38. I absolutely do!

  39. And that’s not bullying….hypocrite

  40. I know Tanya Heti back in the days. She’s always had a loud mouth, seeking attention. Someone who don’t have confidence and used her poor language on someone else to take focus of her low self esteem. Let’s hope you have at least changed and support those are
    been bullied.


    You are a perfect example of what is wrong in todays world. You are so insensitive, overlly critical, and delusional. No one got that lady fired but, herself and if I was her boss, I would have done the same thing. How do you know that she was not bullying people at work, or had several behavioral problems with coworkers and the tweet was the last straw. People should think before they speak or tweet and should deal with the consequences of their actions. Maybe people will start respecting one another instead of putting out such hate. As for you, you are a disgusting person and you have what is coming to you. Shame on you!!!!

  42. She took her own life so you don’t have worry about her.. The bullies won.. May she rest in peace.

  43. Nicole Humphries February 24, 2014 at 1:50 am

    I agree with alot of your comments however, saying that CD should not have fought back is suggesting that she is of normal mind and not suffering depression. You do not know what was going on in her mind, maybe she was fighting back as a way of pulling herself out of the ‘black hole’ – who knows? So by commenting that she should have said “No, goodbye” you are demonstrating a lack of understanding of her true mental health.
    I also feel that as a community, we are aware of what is right and what is wrong. Most individuals when commenting in these situations know that they are bullying that person and I do believe that alot of these people hide behind the computer keyboard as they most likely feel a power in doing so that they do not have in their day to day lives.
    I do not know what type of standing the ‘cyber bullier’ has within their community of what type of job/career she/he had so I am not in a position to comment on socio-economics etc. However, I will stand behind my belief that people do know what they are doing, they are not uneducated and do not need re-educating on proper cyber behaviour. They need re-educating on how to feel and show common courtesy, compassion towards others and basic skills in non-judgement of others.
    Whether CD is an innocent party or not, I believe is not the issue. The issue is the seperatist behaviour increasingly shown by people from all walks of life as social media becomes more popular.
    What I find sad is that we talk about teenagers and their bullying on social media and say we must teach them, while us ‘adults’ exhibit the exact same behaviour.

  44. Michellina van Loder February 26, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    The fact remains that people need to be more respectful of human life and human rights no matter their education, or there place within society. Dawson was told to hang herself, and the sad, awful truth is she did Her legacy is that people need to be kinder and if they can’t perhaps they need to be prosecuted. Kids jump in front of trains over this issue. It’s not a matter of learning to deal with it, nor teaching kids resilience; it’s a matter of what it is that we accept as acceptable.

    The world needs more kindness.

  45. Patience Merriman February 26, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Telling someone on Twitter to go hang herself? I would call that cyber bullying. Is it legal? Probably. Is it the kind of behavior we would want from a person whose job is mentoring high school students? Dear lord, no! Just because we can see hypocrisy in Ms. Dawson is no reason to overlook the hatred and cruelty in Tanya Heti.

  46. Thaddeus lovelock February 27, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    I don’t agree, its , not a matter of charlotte not agreeing, its a matter of people making rude, malicious comments, repeatedly, I have read some of the comments, they are really vile. As for having the trolls sacked, well they deserved to be sacked. Most people will, know the difference, between, an opinion, and a statement designed to cause maximum offence. There is a difference between free speech and malicious and offensive speech.

  47. She WAS a bully, end of story. She abused people on Twitter who were on ANTM and others.

    Go read some history love.

  48. No, depression won. Nothing to do with bullies except that she was a bully who didn’t like people attacking her back.

  49. Dawson bullied people and attacked people (and countries, in terms of NZ) then couldn’t cope with people arguing with her back.

    You’re right: bullying is bad, but CD was a bully who couldn’t cope with people disagreeing with her, with the note the go kill your stuff was inappropriate.

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