I’m looking for a writing gig

June 4, 2012

I’m looking for a writing gig.

I shouldn’t at this point need one, but unfortunately after some serious real life drama, most of the funds from the sale of The Inquisitr are gone. I can’t say much legally, other than pick your partner closely, and never give them access to your money.

The sites I’m running are going well, but are not yet making enough money, and I’m running out of money to support them.

If you know a decent gig, here’s my pitch: I’m ex-TechCrunch, b5media, Blog Herald, and The Inquisitr, I’m good at what I do, and I know how to deliver traffic to your site.

Hell, I started blogging in 2002 and founded the first ever blog about blogging. I was a founder of b5media as well…when it comes to blogging I know my game.

If you know anyone who is looking, please let me know. If you own a blog and are looking for a writer who WILL make headlines and traffic, doubly let me know.


12 responses to I’m looking for a writing gig

  1. Well, mate, you could always partner with me and help me grow Blippitt.  It’s making just barely enough to support my three kids. I’d certainly love to bring on/partner with someone who could help take it to the next level.



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  3. hey duncan, 

    i’ve read some of your posts, really sorry to read about what’s happening to you. wish i could help you, but i’m really inexperienced myself.

    i do want to hear more of your stories and experiences though, will be checking back often to read more

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  8. Good luck in finding your gigs. 


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  11. I wish U good luck in finding your gigs!

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