Dave Sifry gets it right…however the reporting has much to be desired

August 8, 2006

Congrats again to Dave Sifry from Technorati on another excellent state of the blogosphere report, however, as usual, most reporting on it get the reporting WRONG again, even b5media’s own Darren Rowse: these are numbers they are TRACKING PPL! not the sum total of the entire blogosphere! There aren’t 50 million blogs out there, there are probably something closer to 300 million now (I haven’t counted them for a while).

Sifry also asks whether this growth can continue…I’d suggest from recent anecdotal evidence that it’s actually slowing down, MSN/ Windows Live Spaces added less than 1 million blogs last month and Google (with Blogger) even fewer (apologies, don’t recall the exact page I read this on at the moment)…what is growing though is Technorati’s ability to track all these blogs…although I’d note that although their ability to track Chinese and Japanese blogs seems to be improving, there’s a big chunk missing where South Korea should be.