How the internet is taking over

August 8, 2006

Interesting study from McKinsey & Co at the Advertising Age, my favourite quote:

“Should everybody shift 30% of their dollars to the web?” asked Amy Guggenheim Shenkan, senior practice knowledge specialist in McKinsey’s San Francisco office. “No. There wouldn’t be room today if everybody wanted to shift online. Last year [online media] was $12.5 billion, by end of 2007 digital advertising will be $18 to $25 billion. … So we’re seeing a lot of growth, but if you want to match up share of attention and share of dollars it couldn’t happen for that reason.” The TV ad industry is a $68 billion one.

Internet advertising will double to nearly $25 billion next year over 2005. That’s a pile of money, and a pile of ad inventory that’s going to have to be filled.

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