Hey Bob Brown, shut the fuck up

February 8, 2009 — 23 Comments

Up to 60 people dead, hundreds, possibly thousands of homes lost, and Senator Bob Brown (leader of the Australian Greens) uses the opportunity to warn people about global warming

More fires to come as climate change continues: Bob Brown

Global warming is predicted to make this sort of event happen 25 per cent, 50 per cent more,” he told Sky News.

“It’s a sobering reminder of the need for this nation and the whole world to act and put at a priority our need to tackle climate change.”

What, arsonists are gong be more prevalent with global warming…because that’s who the CFA is blaming for at least some of the fires. And wow, like we’ve never had deadly fires before either.

Bob Brown, you’re an insensitive little turd who seeks to gain political capital off the deaths of your fellow Australians. Shut the fuck up.