Kangaroo Sighted on Austrian Highway…damn roos

October 14, 2006

The headline says it all: Kangaroo Sighted on Austrian Highway (via Fark), and that’s Austria, not Australia. OK, so the kangaroo’s hoping down the street is a bit of a cliche of Australia, after all, you don’t see them in most cities (oddly enough Canberra is an except), but you do where I live. She who must be obeyed nearly cleaned up a couple yesterday, and not very far from home either, like under a km away on her way home, the worst thing is you can’t do anything about them, the friggen things are everywhere. God help me if I’m driving the Echo and I hit one, I’d be lucky if I lived to tell the story..it’s also why the other car is a RAV4 with a very nice roo bar if I do say so myself 🙂