New York, New York

November 17, 2006 — 15 Comments

Perhaps it’s because I’m tired, perhaps it’s the sore back (:-)), but I keep getting this strange feeling….a feeling to dance down the street signing “New York, New York” as Sinatra did in the 1940-50ish musical which at this stage I cant seem to remember, but for lovers of musicals you’ll know the one, Sintra, possibly Dean as sailors in NY during WW2. They were right, New York, New York is a wonderful town. Not cheap, but mindblowingly big….it just seems to go on forever. Loren informes me that theres something like 14 million people and another 6 million nereby, essentially the entire population of Australia. I’ve got a couple more days (leave Monday) and I’m looking forward to exploring some more. The WTC was quite moving, Madisson Square Garden, Broadway (I’m seriously thinking about a ticket to Spamalot…but not cheap). OK, enough for now, when she who must be obeyed gets up in the morning this post is only going to make her jealous. More soon. Oh yeh, nearly forgot, I’ve got no comment on b5 at the moment.