I’m alive, just.

November 15, 2006 — 25 Comments

On a computer again for the first time in 3-4 days, I say 3-4 because I’m not quite sure what day it is. The flight from Hong Kong to Toronto via Anchorage was, without doubt, the single worst flight of my life. It’s also the first time in my entire life I’ve thrown up on a plane…or as the case was all over the entire toilet + a good portion of myself as well…I think the vomit was flying up and down with the plane. Cathay Pacific is excellent, great food, efficent service…and most importantly it’s not Qantas, but the turbulance North of Japan…maybe 3 to 4 hours worth, straight after dinner…it just went on and on and on. Worse thing, a bit like with a boat, I usually don’t suffer so much at the time, but on the land…land sickness. Slightly recovered now and off to New York tomorrow. I won’t share my thoughts about Toronto until I get back home, but suffice to say it may have been more enjoyable under different circumstances. But time to go now, the wounds in my back are twitching and I’ll got to go and sign some papers. Till NY, aurevoir…

PS: This might sound strange but it was actually easier to communicate with people in Hong Kong than Canada. Trying to do the simplest things here is quite frustrating. Canadian’s may have kept some good things from their English heritage, but the use of the English language wasn’t one of them 🙂