On The Pod and Travel

September 14, 2007

Ben Barren was telling me this week that he finds himself posting a whole lot less and instead Twittering: he’s right for me as well, I spend far too much time Twittering and less time blogging, I’m not sure whether this is a bad thing or good thing, and I am still blogging heavily, just not here.

Any how, two new podcasts up at On The Pod, both involve Ben Barren. On the Pod 5 is a direct interview, #6 is the blogging session for Influence. Topics vary and include blogging, marketing and PR, Web 2.0, Australian VC and much much more. Ben’s a great guy to interview: I could have gone on for hours in the podcast.

As for travel, I’m in the air again these coming weeks after being in the Hunter Sat-Tuesday this week. I leave early Saturday morning for TechCrunch 40, I’ll be in the Valley until Friday, home Sunday then off again Thursday fortnight for the Australian Blogging Conference in Brisbane. I shouldn’t complain, it’s a privilege to do this sort of traveling, yet on the other hand it would have been nicer space over a couple of months instead of 3 trips in as many weeks, and she who must be obeyed is not a happy camper. Ironically she’s spending a week in Cairns for work “training” in October, I can get my own back then 🙂

More pics, maybe some more blogging and podcasting from the US next week.

One response to On The Pod and Travel

  1. I used twitter a bit during the 30 day challenge, but now can’t see any reason why people would use it, other than trying to get some extra traffic to your site