Busy Week

September 17, 2007

Im sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Adagio San Francisco waiting for check-in. Funny how the staff at an expensive hotel are ruder than the cheap Best Western I stayed in last night: “Check-in isn’t until 3” I was told, where as when I rocked up at the Best Western yesterday at 12 they were overly helpful and found me a room straight away. Sure, the hotel room at the Best Western probably won’t be as nice as the one I’m checking into, but sometimes it’s the little things.

I’ve been trying to get an upgrade on the flight back: looks like a Qantas scam. For acquiring Frequent Flyer points and paying I’m considered full economy, but I’m not for a business class upgrade, and hence it’s 72,000 pts vs 48,000 or something like (I’ve got 60,000). Grrrr, not sure I can go that long with limited sleep again…hopefully this time the loud Americans sitting next to me don’t need to piss 7 times in a 14-15 hour flight…particularly when I’m trying to sleep.

TechCrunch 40 starts tomorrow. I’m live blogging it at TechCrunch along with Nick Gonzales. Crazy stuff with a cast of thousands, amazing speakers and having seen the list now some bloody good startups as well.

Last thing: Jason Calacanis mentions San Francisco’s homeless problem. I thought I saw it bad the last time I was here, I was obviously in the good side of town. There is a homeless person in front of nearly every second building…as an Australian I find it very, very disconcerting. At least they aren’t like Canadian beggars (well Toronto beggars), they don’t aggressively jump in front of you asking for a dime…most of the time they are passive, but it’s still weird. The oxymoron of being at the centre of the richest empire in the history of the world, only to find yourself surrounded by the poor strikes again.