Only in Queensland: croc not removed from park

April 13, 2007

A large Croc is stalking people in a park in Cairns according to

Get this, for the only in Queensland file, authorities are debating whether they should remove the croc or not! Yep, apparently it’s not a given:

“Queensland Park and Wildlife crocodile scientist Mark Read said yesterday his team was “assessing” the croc’s behaviour and size to determine whether removal was necessary.”

But to be fair, lets get the context right:

“A 2m crocodile that has stalked a man is being allowed to roam a popular Cairns picnic spot as authorities continue their months-long debate over removing it.

A croc expert has warned children’s lives are at risk while the crocodile continues to live at Centenary Lakes in the heart of Cairns, which is also a popular tourist attraction.”

Popular park, centre of Cairns, popular with tourists, large 2m long wild croc living free in the pond and they’re thinking about whether or not it should be relocated….you’ve got to wonder 🙂

One response to Only in Queensland: croc not removed from park

  1. Yeah, but the croc has rights too, you know. What’s the safety of a few kids worth when we need to be preserving a croc in its (un)natural habitat? 🙂