Will the CBS content be geoblocked?

April 13, 2007

CBS announces 10 content distribution partners: BBC.

Will the content be geoblocked? I can’t currently view video content (show episodes, not previews) on the CBS website without spoofing my IP address or using a Proxy; will services such as Joost also block content to non-US viewers? I can only hope they don’t. And of course if they don’t, the death of network delayed TV in Australia is sure to follow, after all, who’s going to wait 6-9 months to watch the latest hit series from the US when you can stream it from the web legally, as opposed to what many do now anyway, download the content from bittorrent. Here’s hoping.

One response to Will the CBS content be geoblocked?

  1. Joost has channels based on geographic area. both positive (only in the USA) and negative (worldwide excluding the USA). So don’t throw away bittorrent yet