PS3s Being Traded For Wiis

December 26, 2006 — 1 Comment

GigaGamez reports on people trading PS3s for Wiis. Hilarious. I’ve been away from my Wii for over a week now, and I’m missing it already. Wii games are still as rare as hens teeth. I managed to pick up the last copy of the Sponge Bob Square Pants Wii game from JB HiFi at the Essendon DFO just before Christmas. Every where you go it’s the same, half a dozen titles, maybe a few more if you’re lucky. Some one should call the ACCC on EB games, disgusting conduct, they put titles on the shelf but when you go to buy them they don’t have any in stock, and it’s the same in every single EB store, both at home on the other side of the country (Bunbury) and in the various outlets in Melbourne as well. I haven’t tried again today to buy anything, but I wonder if the often promised “we’ll have them in stock after Christmas” was true. Home in a week, just wondering whether I should pick up a new Wii title or actually finish Call of Duty 3 first 🙂