Wikiasari: yet another search engine

December 26, 2006 — 4 Comments

It’s supposedly Christmas, although you’d think it’s the silly season with news at Mashable and TechCrunch that Jimmy Wales is going into the search engine game. Just because Wikipedia was successful, it would appear as though Jimmy Wales has been drinking so much of his own Kool Aid he now thinks he can conquer the world. Watch for the “non-profit” Wikipedia to start showing links and driving traffic to the new search engine once it’s fully up and running. Given how Google currently treats Wikipedia articles as though they are gold, expect a change on that front as well. Google may well deny any attempt to punish the ever popular wikipedia, but given Wikipedia will be used to now push a potential rival, they’d be mad not to act. Merry Christmas, and will some one tell Jimmy Wales to lay off the punch 🙂