November 25, 2007 — Leave a comment

The results are in and it’s wall to wall Labor for Australia. On one hand I’m deeply disturbed; the thought of returning to the days of Hawke and Keating with high interest rates and high unemployment scare me, and yet the Howard Government bought this on themselves. Work choices was bad politics, the legislation went too far, and beyond all else it’s what cost the Government votes; the irony of course being that Australia has chucked out its Government at a time when Australia has never looked so good.

Moving forward we need to demand an ICT policy from the Rudd Labor Government. The Liberals never had one so I guess Rudd couldn’t Me-too it, but there is hope. The Libs were lost in the woods when it came to tech, I’m hoping that Labor wont be. Secondly we need to stop the Great Firewall of Australia. Mandatory internet censorship is not acceptable, neither is the increased costs such a scheme will force onto Australian internet users when we already have the most expensive and crap broadband in the developed world.

Overall I’m hoping that the Rudd Government is a glass half full at the moment, and despite being a former Liberal Party Member (2 years cured) I’m looking forward to seeing what’s ahead, and seeing whether they’ve cured themselves of their past follys and really are a party for the 21st century.