And Now We Wait

November 24, 2007

Voted. Senate paper went to U with 54 boxes to fill out. Polls close at 6pm AEST so first results from around 6:30pm AEST (or 4:30pm my time).

One observation: old people suck at setting up signs and bunting. The Liberal setup at the Riverlinks Community Centre Australind was beyond embarrassing for them. The Independent didn’t have a thing there though, which isn’t a good sign. A couple of half decent shots via my iPhone below.


5 responses to And Now We Wait

  1. Does anyone even vote beneath the line any more?

  2. Please tell me Bryce you didn’t vote above the line. It’s a wasted vote: the big parties decided your preferences that way, where as you get the choice below the line, and the senate really is the only place your vote might make a difference (it doesn’t in the reps)

  3. Oh oh, I voted above the line, sorry son.

  4. Funny isn’t it our local polling centre in a marginal seat had banners and at least an army of people for each party. The place looked like a full on production.

  5. Is it wrong to ask people who they voted for?

    Who did you vote for?