Standards aren’t improving at The Blog Herald

March 5, 2007 — 10 Comments

I tried to leave a comment at The Blog Herald, I was moderated or deleted, not sure, so I’ll post here.

Tony LongHung at the Blog Herald writes:


the linked article at The Boston Herald:


For the record it was Victoria that banned YouTube videos. I’m not shy of writing the occasional sensationalist headline, but I usually try to get my facts right, particularly then they are so blatantly clear in the headline as in this case.

Sorry Blog Herald team. This is what you get for deleting/ moderating my comments. In the age of Akismet, censoring me when I try to point out a real mistake in a post is a personal slight, and its when I make the issue somewhat larger than it could have been if you’d allowed me to comment on your site. Not looking for a fight here, but certainly I’d ask the question: will you people ever learn?


Update: fixed Tony’s name. The delicious Irony of it all 🙂