Standards aren’t improving at The Blog Herald

March 5, 2007

I tried to leave a comment at The Blog Herald, I was moderated or deleted, not sure, so I’ll post here.

Tony LongHung at the Blog Herald writes:


the linked article at The Boston Herald:


For the record it was Victoria that banned YouTube videos. I’m not shy of writing the occasional sensationalist headline, but I usually try to get my facts right, particularly then they are so blatantly clear in the headline as in this case.

Sorry Blog Herald team. This is what you get for deleting/ moderating my comments. In the age of Akismet, censoring me when I try to point out a real mistake in a post is a personal slight, and its when I make the issue somewhat larger than it could have been if you’d allowed me to comment on your site. Not looking for a fight here, but certainly I’d ask the question: will you people ever learn?


Update: fixed Tony’s name. The delicious Irony of it all 🙂


10 responses to Standards aren’t improving at The Blog Herald

  1. Oh .. I have to laugh just a little bit ..about this “get your facts straight” rant .. when you see … Tony Long at the Blog Herald writes: … that’s like calling you Duncan Moley. haha.

    But – I have lost more than 10 posts at BH due to moderation. It turned out that PetLvr email is always moderated, despite my request to unban and Abe actually unbanning once. But, it’s been fine when I use my 1800hart email. It is quite frustrating when you finally get the nerve or urge or impulse to comment on a blog you regularly read and comment on .. and get lost in moderation or banned.

  2. The problem with comments at TBH is also the same at most other blogs running Akismet. I’ve written to a lot of bloggers already asking them to restore my comments from their spam bin. I don’t think Akismet currently reports me as spam, or does it ?

  3. Ajay .. I think that’s quite true .. now that I think about it – every time I post at the wordpress support forums I am lost in moderation too – using that same PetLvr email address. I keep thinking it’s an individual blog thing, but it’s not.

  4. Hart,
    the irony isn’t lost, I just finished reading a Wired article by Tony Long prior to writing this, changing now 🙂

  5. Duncan- I saw, & am seeing, your comment up on BH just fine- & that was before you wrote and published this post.

  6. & I’ve confirmed that it was not held in moderation or spammed out either. Can anyone else not see Duncan’s comment in this case?

  7. I stand corrected, sir. 😉

    And Duncan, why would we ever deliberately delete a comment of yours?


  8. LOL Duncan. Tony Long … Tony Hung. 🙂

    But seriously, the two headlines are pretty damning.

    One word removed from the headline totally distorts the facts and makes it quite inaccurate. Not sure if it was intended or just sloppy sub editing.

  9. Martin — it was the latter … I’ve got no grudge against Australia or Australians. 😉


  10. Tony – Good to go with the sloppy excuse (we all make mistakes) , wouldn’t want it to be intentionally cause then you’d simply become a tabloid hack always seeking out the next headline to twist around for the greatest effect value (accuracy not required) … and we all know that you’re too good for that.

    Not stepping in up for Australia – just that it caught my/our attention because we’re from there and picked up the error quite quick.

    Carry on, Mr Long Hung … oh, man so many jokes come to mind… 😉