Stupid laws and the demise of Poker affiliate revenue

October 5, 2006

Bill’s Poker Blog has the best rap up of the current state of play in terms of Online Poker and the results of the absurb decision by the US Congress to ban online gambling (via SEO Black Hat). Having said that, it’s technically illegal here as well. SEJ covers the story as well. b5 isn’t exposed to gambling programs at all, indeed although we’ve been offered money before for gambling related advertising we’ve always said no to it. I’ve run the programs myself before in the past and still have affilate accounts at a couple of the sites. Suffice to say the decision is beyond stupid. It’s not like the US Government is taking a stand and saying gambling is bad…indeed, casino’s and other forms of gambling are, as the local saying goes, a dime a dozen in the states, it’s just because they can’t tax online poker sites properly. America the land of contradictions. World’s biggest porn producer and yet it’s also fastly becoming the land of the not so free should you wish to gamble online.