Liz Strauss joins the Opinion section at The Blogging Times…and yes, I still dig this as a business plan

October 5, 2006 — 3 Comments

Congrats to b5’s Successful Blogger (literally) Liz Strauss on news that’s she’s joined me and the party that is happening at The Blogging Times.

I’ve got nothing to disclose at this point about the site, I don’t own a share in it, but I do get paid a small retainer to write a weekly column at the site…but I digress. As a strategy Minic and Char keep bringing in cool people to add to the site, and as a value ad strategy for me it works. Got to say I’m enjoying Mr Angry’s angry rants, Howard’s posts (when he posts) and Erin continues to improve like a fine wine. I also might be a bit old fashioned when I say this, but I actually like the idea also in terms of it mimicking a MSM publication which has it’s set opinion section..although I’m still not sure Minic what you’re doing with your URL structure set…for example I’m not sure why each post seems to have two actual entries and comment sections therein…but you can’t win them all.

Over at my old stomping ground The Blog Herald Matt’s going really well with the podasting side of it. Touch wood I’ll be, if and when we sort a time out, next weeks guest on the podcast. Different strategy to The Blogging Times, but as a consumer it works for me as well, both blogs have different styles and in many ways have become more complimentary to each other.

And for the record, no. b5media isn’t interested in (ever) reentering the blog reporting space. Personally I don’t want to die of a heart attack at the age of 31. After years of playing that game I just enjoy seeing others do it now.