Technorati launches Vlog, but wouldn’t it be nice if they actually focused on the core product first

October 6, 2006 — 6 Comments

Technorati has launched a daily Vlog. Great. Great way to promote the service, but I can’t help but ask the question: why spend time doing a Vlog when your rank service is still broken? Case in point:


Notice the 862 incoming links down the bottom, and yet it’s ranked on 628 links? There are 37% more links than is showing in the rank line. But it’s not just my own personal blog either:


Indeed, I can go through just about every single blog by b5media and get the same result, as well as thousands of other blogs as well. The rank index isn’t being updated. Please, make the video blog shorter, and use that time to get someone to press the magic button once a day! People trust you Technorati: they use your statistics to judge their own sites and those of others. You’re not repaying this trust because you’re not paying attention to one of the core features your users like to use. Indeed, you’re making video blogs instead.